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Services & Solutions

Helping Shopify merchants to thrive


Shopify store setup

Start making your first sales with a modern and persuasive store.


Customer acquisition & retention

Kickstart your growth by acquiring & retaining profitable customers.


Optimisation & Analytics

Boost your store profitability by increasing its conversion rate.

Making sh*t happen

A financial & analytics approach to your marketing

Here is the truth: being 1st on Google is not a success metric. Same thing with the number of subscribers on your email list. And the amount of like you get on Facebook.

Instead, those marketing channels should be measured on their abilities to meet your business objectives. Aka leads that turn into profitable customers.

My clients get it. They know that what Iā€™m doing is always focused on their results. Aka making more revenue and profit. Which is what you're really looking for.

That's why I've decided to focus only on Shopify. Because I know the platform inside out and that's where I've got the best results.